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Z Han Inc. & New Hui Fang Ent. Co., Inc. are the original "king" of Sea Cucumbers. Sea Cucumbers USA is part of our name because "Sea Cucumbers" are our main business & specialty.  
If you are looking for high quality sea cucumbers, you have came to the right place.  We specialize in import, export, wholesale, and distribution of frozen and dried sea cucumbers of the world.



"I Q F" Frozen Sea Cucumbers
that are ready to eat 
 "Japanese" Dried Black Sea Cucumbers
"Sea Ace" Brand
Canned Top Shell
Summary of Products offered:
 Dried Mushrooms
 Frozen Locos
 Canned Abolone
 Dried Chili Peppers
 Dried Black Fungus
 Salted Jelly Fish

Product Intro.
 Sea Cucumbers
We offer Sea Cucumbers from all over the world.  Some of the most pouplar are from, USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa and Asia.
 Salted Jelly Fish
These are the best quality Jelly Fish offered from China.  They are usually offered as a cold appetizer dish in most of the Chinese Cusins.
 IQF Sea Cucumbers
Ready to use and eat.  Individually quick frozen for ease of use and consumption.  Just defrost and use in most of your common dishes.


Frozen Sea Cucumbers


Dried Mushroom

Top Shell

Canned Top Shell


IQF Black
Sea Cucumbers


IQF Brown
Sea Cucumbers


Dried Sea Cucumbers

Special Note: 
The office is closed on Saturdays & Sundays!


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